Water Power Workout

Group Classes

Water Power Workout

Classes every Saturday at 8:00am. Contact us for full details or click Book Now.

Burn 28% More Calories

Join millions of others discovering the benefits of a Water Power Workout.   Everyone from Olympic Athletes to pregnant women are looking to make Water Power Workouts part of their fitness regime.

This is the ideal workout for Sportsmen, Athletes or those suffering from injuries.

A Water Power Workout supports the body while providing resistance.  This makes training in water a far more versatile way to exercise while minimising the risk of injury.




Total Body Fitness

A Water Power Workout Program from True Wellness provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Increasing muscle strength and tone, flexibility, body alignment, and agility.

Sports and Athlete

Athletes and Sportsmen from all disciplines can work on movements, strength and skills they need without the risk of overtraining or aggravating existing injuries.

Low Impact Training

Our Water Power Workout Programs are always low impact meaning far less strain is put on muscles, bones and joints.

Healing and Recovery

Regulator Water Power Workouts are the perfect way to speed up recovery from injury. Low impact training combined with the gentle resistance of the water enable greatly reduced recurring injury risk over land based exercise.

More Fun Than the Gym

A Water Power Workout from True Wellness puts the “Fun” back into Fitness. There are games, music and a lot of laughs. Much better and healthier than a boring hour on a treadmill!

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